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 Guide: How to post an application!

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Guide: How to post an application! Empty
PostSubject: Guide: How to post an application!   Guide: How to post an application! Mini_c10Fri 13 Jun 2014, 00:09


So you wish to join the guild? Fantastic. And you chose the forum way. In this thread, you will find the template that you should copy-paste into a thread of your own and fill out. It is quite simple.

Before you do that, remember that you need to create your own topic in this forum (the Order's Letterbox). The title of the topic MUST BE as follows: Character Name - Race (Level). For example: Khorwyn - Human (Level 80). Onward then! You will find the template below. Simply copy it into your topic and fill out its questions.

Application Template wrote:
Name of Applicant:
Nationality (if applicable)

Brief Background:

Desired position within the Order:

Reason for joining the Order:

Final words (tell us why we should chose you)

Out of Character

Why did you choose the Order:

How do you think you can contribute to the guild?: 
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Guide: How to post an application!
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