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 Structure of the Order

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The Simple Structure
The revised ranking system for the Order of the Red Valour was developed to follow the classic chivalric order style that is the core of the guild itself, although adapted to fit into the rest of the guild’s themes and into the Warcraft universe. It is listed here from highest ranking to lowest.

Quote :

  • The Grand Master
  • The Knight Marshal
  • The Archseeker
  • Masters of the Order
  • Knights
  • Oathguards
  • Oathseekers
  • Armsmen
  • Seekers
  • Aspirants

The Leadership
The Grand Master
The Supreme Commander of the Order, the Grand Master is the one who controls the entirety of the Order itself. Under the guidance of the Grand Master, the Order finds its goals and directions. The word of the Grand Master is considered law by everyone and to disobey his word is to disobey the Order itself.
The position of Grand Master is currently held by Lord Khorwyn Northfield, the Duke of Northmont. The Grand Master is usually referred to as ‘my lord’ or ‘your lordship’. 
The Grand Council
The Grand Council are known as the two supporting officers of the Grand Master’s office. There are two positions that are divided into direct their specific part of the Order, although if one of them is lacking, responsibility automatically falls to the available officer.
The Knight Marshal
The Knight Marshal is the officer that handles all of the Order’s military affairs, as guided and directed by the Grand Master’s decisions. Knights and men-at-arms specifically answer to the Knight Marshal rather than the Seneschal. They are still however required to obey the word of the Grand Master.
The Archseeker
The Seneschal is the officer that handles the Order’s knowledge, lore and collected artifacts, along with being in the charge of the ‘Seekers’ commandery. As such, all seekers answer directly to the Seneschal rather than the Knight Marshal. They are still however required to obey the word of the Grand Master.

The Officers
The Office of the Grand Master, considered the leadership of the Order itself often handles most of the internal and external issues with command and officership, they often sometimes turn to other members of the Order to provide lesser assistance as ‘junior officers’.
Masters of the Order
The Masters of the Order are elite members of the Knighthood who have proven their relentless dedication to the Order and its core values. Masters of the Order are considered to be the greatest warriors within the ranks of the Order, looked up to those below. Often, these heroic warriors are chosen by the Grand Council to act as junior officers, helping in commanding the Order into the many frays it ventures.

Custodians of the Order
In the light of recent discoveries, a change has undergone within the Order, and at the call of the Grand Master, the seekers have gained greater importance within the Order. Custodians stand at the peak of their division, the entrusted men and women of the Seneschal. These stand in great respect and reverence among the Order, counted as the bright and the brilliant.
As with the Masters, the Custodians also stand as junior officers, especially in regard to the Seekers, although the rank of Master still trumps them on matters of military.

The Ranks of the Order

Knights of the Order
Knights of the Order are considered one of the most prestigious ranks anyone can achieve, beyond the Master rank. Central to the Order’s true purpose, knights are proven warriors who have shown themselves excelled at combat, the virtues of the Order and capable of standing their ground as a man or woman of respect.
If the Ordersmen ever come to a stand where no higher rank than the Knight is present, the knight takes default command, assigned by seniority.
To reach the rank of ‘Knight of the Order’ requires specific requirements indeed. It is not a simple task, and often takes much training and dedication to reach. To begin upon the path to Knighthood, one is required to either submit a written letter to any of the Grand Council, or inform the Grand Master himself of the desire.
The Grand Master and the Grand Council meet frequently to discuss potential knights, and it is decided by them who is allowed to be accepted upon the path. If accepted, the applicant becomes known as a ‘knight-elect’ and is assigned their very own ‘knight-master’ who will preside over their training.
Every knight-elect is required to go through a rigorous training process to make them ready for the series of tests that determine knighthood, known as ‘Trials of the Knight’. The training part often takes quite a long time. Once the knight-master feels the elect is ready, he or she will inform the Grand Council of it. It is then up to the Grand Council to decide if they feel ready for the knight-elect to take the Trials. If declined, the elect will simply have to keep training until the Grand Council agrees the time has come.
Prior to the organized Trials, the Grand Master organizes a meeting consisting of the Grand Council and every Knight of the Order. At this meeting, the knight-elect’s chivalric title is decided upon should the elect finish the Trials.

Oathguards of the Order

Not everyone desires to be a knight, nor has the capability to become one, but the Order does not shy away from these. As the Order has evolved over the years, people and races of different cultures have become common place and those who for one reason or the other won't attain Knighthood, but prove their true valour and loyalty to the Order are taken in as Oathguards - A dedicated armsman in service of the Order of the Red Valour. 
Oathseekers of the Order

Sometimes, or rather, more often than not, Seekers rarely find themselves seeking out Knighthood. As such, few ever reach that status within the Order, but instead, they can reach the elevated rank of Oathseeker. As with knights, Oathseekers are considered veterans of the Order who have truly understood the core virtues of the Order and shown exceptional skill and loyalty to the organization, thus standing as some of its most respected members. 

Armsmen of the Order
The Armsmen are the backbone of the Order's military prowess. These are men and women who have shown a natural skill with weapons of steel (whereas Seekers often show skill with the magical) but have also proven themselves in the eyes of the Grand Council and shown their aptitude and desire for loyalty to the Order. Those who want to become Knights of the Order often get chosen to become Knight-Elects after they have attained the position of an Armsman. 

Seekers of the Order
The Seekers stand as a vital part to the Order, alongside Armsmen. It is said that the old order had something akin to the Seekers, but it was truly under the third reforms carried out by Lord Khorwyn that the Seekers became an integral part of the Order.
Now, the Seekers serve a wide role within the Order, encompassing healing, battle casting, recovery of precious artifacts, care-taking of lore and much more. Although more of a scholarly position, the Seekers are often themselves capable upon the battlefield, most being trained in the arcane arts or healing.

The Aspirants
The Order often recruits whenever it needs newbloods into its ranks, and those lucky enough to find themselves under the gaze of the Order, and good enough to meet its requirements and conditions are offered a place as an aspirant – someone who aspires to reach higher up into the Order. From here, they must prove themselves loyal to the Order and its values before they are given the opportunity to pledge themselves by swearing the oath and becoming true adherents of the Red Valour. 

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Structure of the Order
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