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 Rules of the Order

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Within here, you will find the rules for the Order of the Red Valour. The rules are separated into in-character (The Order Regulation of Official Rules) and out-of-character (OOC Conduct). For clarity’s sake, the in-character rules are posted within the Order’s apartment within Stormwind (the guild’s IC reflection of the forums – to bear in mind that it does not actually exist in-game!)
The Order Regulation of Official Rules
The rules noted down below are the official regulations of the Order of Sword-Brethren of the Red Valour of Arathor. They are to be taken seriously in the strictest sense. Any breach of the regulations may earn one a warning at best and expulsion from the Order itself at the worst. Keep true to the written word and the Order itself thrives.

  • Whilst a adherent of the Order, you are expected to behave in decency. The Order prides itself on the virtues of justice, truth, honour and valour. Keep those true to heart.
  • You are expected to dress appropriately, even whilst ‘off-duty
  • If you are found being unreasonable, childish or needlessly starting fights, you will find yourself facing consequences.
  • Likewise, if you are caught in public giving overtly affectionate and other erotic manners of behaviour to someone else or yourself, consequences will follow.
  • Any member being violent beyond need, rebelling or otherwise causing unneeded damage will be found facing severe consequences. Abandoning the Order in battle or in the midst of a campaign will be considered as oath-breaking, and will be reported to the Grand Alliance.


  • The Grand Master is always to be properly addressed, unless specifically told otherwise by the Grand Master himself. Suitable methods of addressing includes, but are not limited to: ‘my lord’, ‘Lord’ and ‘Grand Master’.
  • Knights, Masters and the Knight Marshal are all to be referred to as ‘Sir First Name’ (For males) and 'Dame First Name' (For females). Never by their name!
  • The Archseeker of the Order is to be addressed either as 'Archseeker First Name' or simply just by the title 'Archseeker'. 
  • Knights, Masters and the Knight Marshal may be referred to by their regular name whilst off-duty, but only if consent has been given.
  • Fellow Ordersmen/women should generally be referred to by their first names.


  • As a member of the Order, one is expected to obtain the Order’s tabard. It is to be worn at all times whenever one is on duty or when demanded by the Grand Master. As a general rule, it is considered optional during off-duty times. Note!: If one prefers not to wear a tabard, it can be substituted with a cloak bearing the Order's insignia
  • As a part of the Order, one is expected to have a decent haircut. Wild hair-styles, especially those in the style of the elves, is not acceptable within the Order’s ranks.


  • Every member of the Order is required to have a horse. If one does not have one already, one will be provided – Simply speak with any of the Order’s officers to have this arranged.
  • During ceremonial events, everyone who is not a knight or master of the Order is expected to ride a regular horse. Warhorses, that being horses who are armoured, belong strictly to knights of the Order.
  • Non-humans of the Order may choose to ride their own steed from their racial background, such a nightsaber or elekk. However, potentially dangerous mounts will not be allowed. If you wish to use your own steed, seek out permission from one of the Grand Council for confirmation of allowance. 


  • Every member of the Order receives payment per month unless otherwise agreed upon with the Grand Council.
  • The higher the rank of the member, the higher the payment they receive.
  • At the lowest ranks, most members of the Order tend to earn somewhere around 5-10% higher than the standard pay for a common soldier in the Alliance Army. 


  • It is possible to resign from the Order. To do this, one must approach the Grand Council with the request, and a brief discussion will take place.
  • After the discussion and the turning over of Order-specific items, said person is fully able to depart from the Order's service.
  • Anyone found not adhering to the rules of resigning will be branded as an oath-breaker (unless they are of the aspirant rank).

OOC Conduct

You are expected to be respectful of social environments that you are getting into when joining the guild. The purpose of the guild (and the game) is to log in to have fun. Keep this in mind when interacting with others. If you have bad days and blurt out something in anger or frustration, that is fine. But we do recommend that you apologize for such after one has calmed down. There might come times when you find yourself in a discussion with the leadership of the guild about these rules. If such ever occurs, do not panic. The leadership will only talk to people when some issues occur with the hopes that it can be solved to preserve a good social environment within the guild. We are all here to have fun, after all.

  • Obtain a roleplaying add-on (MRP, TRP2 etc...)
  • Learn the mechanics of the guild’s event system(s).
  • Refrain from attempting to dishonour and/or degrade people in guild chat. 
  • While guild chat is relatively lenient on what you can discuss, if someone asks you to stop, then stop. Failure to comply with this, will result in consequences. 
  • Try to avoid childish mannerisms and other inappropriate behaviour in OOC channels, as well as IC channels. Lolling around will be met with consequences!
  • Never use any IC channels (/say, /yell, /emote) for anything to do with OOC. ALWAYS use the OOC channels for OOC.
  • Inform the leadership or write on the forums if you are going to be offline for longer than four (4) days. Un-announced offline times hurts the guild itself!
  • Subsequently, if you do not notify the officers of your offline time, you will be kicked from the guild if you are offline for more than 14 days. Note! This rule can be overruled if the officers note you log on here and there but fail to partake in Roleplay or Events for an extended period. 
  • Remember to roleplay with others. Especially if your character is involved in a romantic relationship, be it with someone within or without the guild. If you are caught bubble-roleplaying too much and ignoring the guild, it can have severe consequences for you.

Rank Based

  • Obtain level 91 or higher to advance beyond the Aspirant rank

Guild Interaction

  • We expect everyone in the guild to try and be friendly with each other. If there ever occurs a problem between you and another guild member, inform the officers as quickly as possible!
  • If there ever is a problem with another fellow guild member and no one else is around to witness it, we suggest the use of screenshots that can be given to the officers for evaluation of the situation. 
  • Please be willing to aid your fellow guild members if they request assistance, be it with raiding, soloing, questing or even just asking for some casual roleplay! Do not be a stranger to them and help them out.

Leaving the Guild
There may come a time when you wish to leave the guild. That is fine. We can understand it if you come not to like the guild anymore, or if something happens and you wish to leave. But we do want to alert you that unless you come to the leadership ICly and make the IC request to depart from the Order, any sudden /gquits will be looked upon as an abandonment of duties in-character, thus in the future, you will be referred to as an 'oath-breaker' to the guild's view.

Payment (OOC)

  • The guild does not actually pay members with real gold. It is meant to be virtual and taken as such. Nor do we use GHI-produced gold.
  • Do take into consideration of what standard levels of payment would be. There is no set definition on how much one earns since everyone has a different view on how 'standard' gold is in the world. But do not go overboard with your assessment. A gold coin is likely to still be a relatively rare thing for a commoner.

Mounts and Pets (OOC)

  • Only normal horses are to be used (or other racial mounts if you're not human).
  • Knights and Masters are the only ones who can use the armoured horses.
  • The Vicious War Steed is only usable by the Grand Master of the Order.
  • Overly flashy mounts that don't suit IC are explicitly forbidden!
  • For hunters: Pets are to be kept realistic, such as hounds, foxes and wolves. Do not come charging around with huge rhino's, dinosaurs or beetles. (Unless you have permission, of course)

Guild Events

  • When a guild event is underway, try not to post OOC (Out of Character) messages in the raid chat. Post them instead to Guild Chat.
  • During an event, Guild Chat is not to be used for anything other than OOC questions related to the event. If you wish to partake in some sort of OOC banter between, say, raid emotes, then please use a channel of some sort. A suggested one is a custom channel (for example, making one called ValourOOC). 
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Rules of the Order
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