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 Faeron El'Dor (Version: Advanced, Level: 100)

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PostSubject: Faeron El'Dor (Version: Advanced, Level: 100)   Thu 19 Feb 2015, 23:05

Version: Advanced
Name: Faeron El'Dor
Race + Class (Level): Kaldorei Warrior/Scout
CHS Level: 3
Health: 8 [+4]
Energy: 0 [+2]
Combat: 6
Defence: 4
Healing: 0
Valour: 0
Intervene (6): Charge at an ally under attack, preventing the ally from taking damage.
Battle Cry (5) Let out a Battle Cry, inspiring the nearest Ordersmen to you changing their roll into a crit.

Enhanced Striking (Weapon Enchant): +4 Combat
Golon & Eredil (Dual Wield)  - 6 Damage +2 Energy
Scouting: 6
Perceptive: 2
Athletics: 2
Investigation: 2
Survival: 2
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Faeron El'Dor (Version: Advanced, Level: 100)
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