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"Always Remember, Justice and Valour"
- The Order's Motto

The Order of the Red Valour (official name: the Order of Sword-brethren of the Red Valour of Arathor) is the third incarnation of an ancient order that was first founded during the zenith of the Arathorian Empire. Founded as an order of knights, it is dedicated to chivalric traits such as honour, truth, justice and valour. 

With the war against the Horde finally at an end, the Order's goals have been redirected towards serving the Grand Alliance in full, helping to protect the peace, aid those who need it and see potential threats to a swift demise before they can threaten the stability of the Alliance. 

To Join the Guild...

Keep in mind that the Order is focused very much around travelling. If you do not appreciate seeing the larger world of Warcraft, you might not want to join. The guild does not stick around to Stormwind, nor does it constantly remain in 'the North' (read: Arathi). 

Keep in mind that the guild is not grim dark. It is not a house guild and it is not based around concepts from Game of Thrones. We do not call knights 'ser'. We call them 'sir'. The guild is based around real knights and their orders along with fitting into the Warcraft universe as a whole. Expect to see fantastical elements, magic and enemies other than just humans. That said, the guild still focuses on chivalric tasks, so if you want to experience Warcraft as a knight that'd fit into the universe, you're golden!

Keep in mind that the guild is not always 110% serious. Its members are known to relax, have fun and even joke around at times when they are off-duty, so to speak. It is all right to drop your guard and enjoy your time when in the cities. Just keep true to the guild rules and stay a friendly and fun roleplayer. 

Important Topics

Want to join the guild? Fantastic. 
Want to learn more about the guild? Awesome. 

Just check out these threads here for all the information you could want about the Order!

The Chivalric System - The Order's Event System

Structure of the Order

Rules of the Order

History of the Order

Recruitment of the Order

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Guild Information
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